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Hosting for your small business

£20 for hosting and maintenance

All websites need hosting and maintenance. Without hosting your website can't appear on the web. Without maintenance you could be plagued by constant problems from things like code becoming un-supported so your website starts looking bad.

About our hosting

Every website needs a home on the Internet. A home is a web server that your website sits on so that people can view it on the Internet. This is known as hosting. The Internet is littered with different hosting 'solutions'. They often confuse you with stats about 'bandwidth', 'space', SQL databases and whatnot. Many are really 'cheap', often because they reside in someone's shed in Minnesota, who really doesnt care if your website is slow, gets hacked or overidden with spam. We do care about how your website is hosted, its hugely important. Thats why with Webchefs:

And for piece of mind your website is continually monitored 24/7, 365 so if it ever did go down we would know about it instantly and probably have the issue resolved before breakfast.

Website maintenance

With our maintenance your website includes:

Hosting and maintenance terms

The monthly fee is ongoing and can be terminated at anytime by either party, although 30 days notice is expected. The client however owns the website and on request can be sent the files for it.

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